Students at Glen Arden's vocab day

In a colorful tribute to the imaginative world of Dr. Seuss, students and teachers at Glen Arden Elementary transformed their halls into a vibrant showcase of vocabulary words on March 1 to celebrate the beloved author’s birthday and to kickstart Read Across America week. The event, a vocabulary parade, saw students from kindergarten through fifth grade marching around the halls, each dressed as a different vocabulary word. 

students with vocab words

The parade, a first of its kind at Glen Arden, aimed not only to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s legacy but also to enhance the students’ engagement with language and literacy. 

teachers and students

“Research shows that the more words you learn, the better you are at understanding and explaining complex concepts,” said AIG specialist Jennifer Harmon. “At Glen Arden, we are teaching our students to be critical thinkers and couldn't think of a better way to foster that, than making words come to life with the Vocabulary Parade! Students selected their words in their classrooms, and then made them come to life during their STEM lab time. Students collaborating with their families on how they were going to dress up made it extra special.”

Highlighting the school’s commitment to bilingual education, the Dual Language students participated in the activity by selecting Spanish vocabulary words, showcasing the diversity and inclusivity of the school’s educational approach. 

students on vocab day

As students paraded, the excitement was palpable, with costumes ranging from adjectives like “iridescent” to nouns such as “mama” and “adventure.” The teachers also joined in, dressing up as words that sparked joy and curiosity among the students. 

The Vocabulary Parade at Glen Arden Elementary not only paid homage to Dr. Seuss but also reinforced the power of words and imagination in learning. 

Pictures by: Glen Arden Elementary