Welcome to Glen Arden Elementary. We look forward to having your child attend Glen Arden. We hope this section of our website will help you navigate the Registration process. Please make sure you check each section for information and paperwork necessary for registration.

Glen Arden Prides itself as a school of excellence. Some of our highlights include: 

  • Our students consistently score above the State and County average

  • We are a "Green" School Award Winner - Our cafeteria serves locally grown foods

  • We are a PBIS (Positive Behavior & Instructional Support) Award winning school

  • Our campus includes a student garden and acres of soccer fields and play areas

  • We are a Global School - Each grade level focuses on a continent each year. Skyping is done with 4 partner schools

  • We offer the Splash Immersion Program - serving two classes per grade level, students are instructed in Spanish and become fluent in that language

We hope you will join our outstanding school as a member of Glen Arden. Thank you for your help in making enrollment a smooth process and we look forward to having your child attend school at Glen Arden.

If you have any questions about enrollment, please contact Dawn Peterson, Information Specialist, at

Kristina Specht