Officer Mel with a group of students at Glen Arden Elementary

Thousands of extraordinary staff help keep Buncombe County Schools (BCS) operating on a daily basis. BCS recruits only the best to help inspire, educate, encourage and elevate students. This BCS Staff Spotlight, in honor of National Police Week, recognizes the courageous efforts demonstrated by School Resource Officer (SRO), Officer Mel Robbins of the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office (BCSO). 

Officer Mel has spent the majority of her career in law enforcement. For several years now she has become a familiar face throughout the T.C. Roberson District. Officer Mel serves three elementary schools; Glen Arden, William W. Estes, and Avery’s Creek. Being an SRO for hundreds of students means the world to Officer Mel. 

“I love being at the elementary schools where I can build a positive relationship with each child,” she said. “I don’t just see myself as an officer, I see myself as a mentor to the kids. I hope that one day they see me as the person that helped them, was silly, but she really loved me.”

Each day Officer Mel looks forward to the warm hugs, high fives and big smiles she receives when she walks the halls. She said there is never a dull moment at any of the elementary schools. 

“You can hear some of the funniest things you’ve ever heard by just spending time with children,” Officer Mel said. “You can be having a bad day, and then a student(s) can just brighten your whole day. I am very lucky to see several of the kids grow up, and become involved citizens in our community.”

Officer Mel is no stranger to having fun with the students. Durning spirit weeks she tries her best to surprise the kids by dressing up. Her positive presence in the schools is making a difference; she says students often tell her how much they want to be just like her when they grow up. 

“I always get a little emotional when a student tells me that they want to be like me one day,” she explained. “It’s moments like that where I realize how important my job is, and the role model I am to each child. It makes me feel proud hearing those words come out of a student. I try hard to make a positive impact on their lives.”