Kindergarten Handbook 2018-2019

Welcome to Kindergarten!

We hope your child is as excited about coming to Kindergarten as we are about having him/her this year. We have included information in this booklet that we hope will answer many of your questions about Glen Arden and Kindergarten. Also please read the Glen Arden Handbook as it covers information that you need to know.

Parent/Teacher Communication:

Communication between home and school is extremely important! You can purchase a red Glen Arden folder from your child’s teacher. The folder will go home everyday and be returned the following school day.  It will contain homework, school and classroom information, notes from the teacher and completed assignments. In addition, it will also be used for you to send in notes, lunch money, etc. The folder has one pocket labeled “Return to School” and the other labeled “Keep At Home”. Please check and empty your child’s folder everyday.  

One of the best ways for communication is to make sure we have your email. We send the Glen Arden Telegram on Tuesday for school-wide news and then our classroom will also have a newsletter periodically with classroom news.  Please feel free to call us at school anytime. The number is 654-1800. If it is during school hours please leave a message and we will return your call after school. You can also e-mail us as well.

Good communication is very important!

Can I Walk My Child To The Classroom?

We are aware that Kindergarten is a new experience for your child. If your child is a car rider you may walk him/her to the classroom on the 1st day of school. On Tuesday, Sept. 4th the Kindergarten Assistants will be waiting in front of the school to assist Kindergartners in walking to the classroom. Adults will be supervising and helping the Kindergarten bus riders each morning. The Safety Patrols will be in the halls all year to assist students.

Illnesses and Medication:

If your child has a fever of 100 or more, he/she may not come to school until he/she has been FEVER FREE, without medication, for 24 hours. Please do not give your child Tylenol or Motrin first thing in the morning and send them to school.

Buncombe County School Policy sets certain conditions, which must be followed when dispensing all medication.

  • We must have a signed physician’s order on file with exact directions regarding the medication: time given, dosages, the form of medication and any possible side effects that may occur.

  • The medication must be brought to school in the original pharmacy bottle with the pharmacist’s label giving the patient’s name, prescription period, directions for administering the medication and all other pertinent information.

  • A signed consent form from the parents giving Glen Arden Office Staff the authorization to dispense the medication must be on file.

Non-prescription medications must also have a note from the parents with directions for administering the medicine. Personal products such as lip balm, hand lotion and sunscreen are also not allowed. Teachers are not allowed to put sunscreen on a child. Please apply sunscreen if desired before your child comes to school.


A Fall and Spring Conference will be scheduled during the school year. An additional conference will be scheduled in Winter for at-risk students. If you would like a conference please contact us anytime. There are no formal report cards in Kindergarten, but we will send home progress reports at the beginning, middle, and end of the year to show the progress your child is making and any additional practice with specific skills your child may need.

Changes in Transportation:

If your child has any change in his/her transportation, we must have the information in writing by 2:00. If your child is going home with another child, we must have a note in order to release your child to another parent. Due to heavy busloads, students cannot ride home with another child if it requires taking a different bus unless the Assistant Principal approves it in advance. Please let us know where your child is to go if school closes early due to snow, etc.  If your child needs to be dismissed during our recess time (1:30-2:00) please allow time to pick up before we go outside. Due to safety reasons, students are not dismissed from the playground, and you will have to wait until we return to the building if we are outside when you arrive to pick your child up during this time.

Quiet/Rest Time:

We have rest/quiet time every day. Please send a towel (no mats) that has been labeled with your child's name. It will be kept in his/her cubby. We will send this home on Friday to be washed. Please return the towel to school on the following school day (Monday).


We encourage every parent to volunteer. Your participation will leave your child with the impression that school is important and will help us implement an enriched Kindergarten curriculum. We will send a Volunteer Calendar home as soon as the children are comfortable with our routines and comfortable with their moms and dads coming and going from our classroom. Because being a Safe School is very important to all of us, always sign in at the Office before coming to the classroom.  Thank you.

Special Classes:

Our special classes are Music, PE, Library, Art, Classroom Guidance, and STEM Lab. Watch our homework calendar so that you will know what day to have your child wear appropriate shoes for PE or when to return his/her library book.


We will have a snack time each day. We ask that each child bring a simple, healthy, nutritious snack. We will keep the snacks in the cubbies until snack time. For this reason we suggest something small and in an airtight container. Please pack your child’s snack separate from h/her lunchbox. If there is any reason to worry about allergies please let us know.


Everyone's birthday is h/her special day. We honor children on their birthday and you may send in a special snack for the class if you would like. Individual parties are not allowed at school. If your child is having a party outside of school you will need to mail the invitations to the children. We cannot place invitations (or any other type of mailing) in folders. Also encourage your child not to talk about parties at school as this leads to hurt feelings of those who cannot attend.


Breakfast is served at school. Let us know if you want your child to eat breakfast so that we can help him/her get in the habit of going. There is no cost for children to eat breakfast at school.


Please send your child's lunch or milk money in an envelope or baggy. You may pay daily, weekly, or monthly. You may pay by cash or check made payable to Glen Arden Elementary School. You may also pay on-line. A lunch menu will be sent home at the beginning of the year for the whole year. The menu is on a 3 week rotation. Lunch is $2.45. Extra milk is $.85.

Please have the following information on the envelope:

- Your child's name       

- Teacher Name and Kdg.

- The amount of money       

- What the money is for!!!!!

A Change of Clothes

Accidents do happen in Kindergarten. For this reason we ask that each child has a change of clothes (including socks and underwear) in his/her cubby for emergencies. If your child wears his/her “emergency” clothing home please send a new set the following day.

Book Orders

We will send home Scholastic book orders throughout the school year.  These books are very reasonably priced and a great way to get your child excited about reading.  Each time your child orders books, we receive points that can be used to buy books and other materials for our classroom. When ordering, please make checks payable to Scholastic.

Helpful Hints:

1. Send your child to school in clothes for learning and for outside play (wash and wear and PRACTICAL SHOES…no flip flops please).

2. TRANSPORTATION CHANGES MUST BE IN WRITING! It is best to let us know in the morning so we know ahead of time, but last minute changes to the office need to be made by 2:00.

3.  Notify us of any problems your child is having at school or at home.

4. Have an early bedtime. Your child will be very tired for the first few weeks!

5. Make sure your child knows what to do if he/she ever goes home and no one is there!

6. Try to keep your child on a regular schedule. Please try to avoid tardies and classroom interruptions.

  1. GET INVOLVED!! Volunteer to help in the classroom, come to PTO, and, most importantly, talk to your child about school.

We look forward to a wonderful year!

The Kindergarten Team


Our Class Rules

  1. Listen and follow directions.

  2. Keep hands, feet, and all objects to yourself.

  3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before you speak.

  4. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to get out of your seat.

  5. Move with care slowly and quietly.

Discipline Plan

In following with Glen Arden becoming a Positive Behavior Intervention Support school, we have created a Kindergarten specific discipline plan.  The RAMS expectations we will be encouraging your students to display this year are R-Respectful, A-Accountable, M-mindful, S-safe.

Each morning, your child will start with their name on the color green, which means, “I am being responsible!” When a student is seen making good choices, and showing RAM Star behavior they are praised and/or rewarded.  If they are not making good choices with our RAMS expectations they will be given verbal warnings.  If the behavior persists, the teacher will re-teach the expectations to the students.  A final verbal warning will be given and if the behavior continues, the Kindergartner will be asked to move his name down to yellow-‘oops’.  Your child then has the opportunity to make better choices and move their name back up to green.  However, if they continue the unacceptable behavior, the teacher and student will review the RAMS expectation that has not been met.  If your child has to move their name down to orange or red a “think sheet” will go home to communicate with parents the problem behavior.  We hope that you will use this time to help reinforce RAMS expectations at home.

Through this format, your child has the opportunity to correct his or her behavior and make positive choices.

Throughout the day your child has the opportunity to move up or down the behavior chart. Every morning each child will start on “I am being responsible.” They can move up or down based on their behavior. If they are following the rules they will move up. If they are not, they will move down.


Step 1: “Oops!” – Warning

Step 2: “I need to think about my choices.” – Lose 5 minutes of free time.

Step 3: “I need to have a conference with my teacher.” Lose 5 minutes of free time and a conference with the teacher.

Step 4 – “ISOLATION” – Lose 15 minutes of free time and a note home. A visit to the Office is also a possibility.

Below is an example of the Behavior Chart in our classroom.

Behavior Chart

I am an example to others.


I am making wise choices.


I am responsible.




I need to think about my choices.


I need a conference with my teacher.


We are excited about this program and can’t wait to celebrate the good behavior of our RAM Stars!!

Rights and Responsibilities

Everyone has …

  1. the right to live safely,

  2. the right to learn,

  3. the responsibility to be polite,

  4. the responsibility to be honest,

  5. the responsibility to use time wisely.

Summary of the Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Everyone has the right to live safely. This policy encompasses all rules concerning aggressive behavior among students, such as hitting, pinching, pushing, and even biting. It also covers inappropriate individual behaviors, such as running in the hall, standing on desks, and throwing rocks into the air.

  2. Everyone has the right to learn. This right protects the learning environment in the classroom. Any behavior that distracts a student from learning is covered here – everything from disrupting others by talking with a classmate to simply not paying attention in class.

  3. Everyone has the responsibility to be polite. This policy stresses that each person is accountable for protecting the positive classroom environment. Polite actions and language will be modeled and taught at all times.

  4. Everyone has the responsibility to be honest. Honesty provides harmony in the classroom and helps students build their own sense of honor and self-worth.

Everyone has the responsibility to use time wisely. Having quality time for learning in the classroom is very important, so the responsibility for time management will be shared with the students. When students are late turning in assignments or returning from the bathroom, they rob themselves of valuable learning time. The importance of using class time to its full advantage will be emphasized.