Eco-Readers 2015

EcoReaders Club

Eco-Readers is an environmentally-themed club for 3rd and 4th grade students who care about the environment and love to read
Eco-Readers will meet in the second semester, following winter break.
 Big THANKS to Asheville GreenWorks who partners with us!

2015 EcoReaders

 Eco-Readers 2015        2015 Eco-Readers

  Check out the pictures below to see how much fun getting dirty and "going green" can be!
 For our 1st meeting we read Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney and made Seed Bombs! 
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 4  5  6
Seed Bombs
Feb 4, 2015 
On February 11, we figured out the steps in making an aluminum can,
and read Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug
 Christine Brown with Asheville GreenWorks
Christine Brown with
Asheville GreenWorks 
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On February 25th we examined compost in various stages of decomposition, looked at photos from Compost Critters by Bianca Lavies,
made a red-wiggler habitat AND ate fresh strawberries and bananas then fed the scraps to the worms!
Compost Study    Compost Study 2 Worms are Friends 
 Worm Bin1  Worm Bin2 Worm Bin3  
Banana Peels can be Composted    Worm1  Strawberry
On the week of March 9th we read Bag in the Wind, got a visit from the "Bag Monster," upcycled old t-shirts into re-usable shopping bags, AND were interviewed by a rep from the NC Nature Conservancy for an upcoming article. WOW!
Yikes! It's the Bag Monster!
 Eco-Readers and Bag Monster  Go away, Bag Monster!
It's amazing what we can do 
for the earth 
in one hour!
 Nature Conservancy Rep
 Re-usable bags!  We are caring for the Earth!  We even made headbands from old sleeves!
Our Last Eco-Session of 2015
Here is what we did:

- Ate Ms. Smith's organic dandelion (aka "weeds") jelly on gingersnaps;
- Listened intently to a story written by Mrs. Horak and Ms. Smith;
-Created a beautiful scrap-paper collage of  hands holding the earth (see right);
- Watched excerpts from The Landfill Harmonic while we worked:
Please join us in
helping make
the world
a more beautiful place!
Eco-Readers Poster