Math SOS!!

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Is your child struggling with Math? Do not worry!! Here, plenty of resources and printable material you may use!

Yes, math can be a problem really hard to solve!! 
 Fortunately, here you will find some strategies that can help your kid to deal with it. There are websites, videos, printables and activities you can do together in order to develop all concepts and make your child to be a math star!! The content will be grouped by topics, so you can find what you need easily. For example, if your kid finds hard to make combinations of numbers, just look at "Combinations of numbers" section, and select any link. Hope this turns out helpful. Enjoy! 
 Buncombe County Math Resources Website:
Tips for helping your elementary school child with math homework:
    101 simple ways to help your child with math: 

    Math Strategies for parents:

     Strategies packet for parents and students: 
     Simple ways to build Math skills at home: 

     Math Games in Spanish
     Combinations of 10
    Combinations of numbers up to 10 are crucial for kids to have a solid foundation and understanding of more complex math topics, such as solving word problems and calculating operations with big numbers. These 2 games will help your kid to practice these combinations in the funniest way! 
      There is much more coming soon!!