Conoce a la maestra! / Meet the Teacher!


I am Diana Restrepo, 2nd Grade Spanish Teacher. I was born in Colombia, a country full of contrasts. beauty and diversity...a place like no other!
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Intermediate Education, with a Major in Humanities and Foreign Language - English at Fundacion Universtaria Luis Amigo in Medellin, Colombia.
I have been teacher for 14 years, and there is no other job I could do better and enjoy more. Being a teacher has given me lots of happiness, smiles and love that I would not trade for anything in the world. Teaching is my calling!
My main goal is to help raising better human beings. Knowledge is only worthy as long as you can share it and help others around you. That is why I include tons of fun in my classes. And it works! People only learn from those things they love. 
 I came to the USA in 2012 as part of Participate's -formerly VIF- Spanish Immersion Program "Splash!". Now I am a permanent US resident and a full-time member of the BCS family.