What does my child have for homework?

I encourage your child to read each evening for at least 20 minutes. However, I do not require a reading log to be filled out. I would like them to begin reading for pleasure. They will also be giving "Monthly Writing" on the first day of the month. They should choose 2 pieces of writing to complete and give to me by the last day of the month. They should learn to pace themselves and figure out their own schedule for completing this writing on time. This will prepare them for Intermediate School next year.
In Math, their homework will largely be any work that they did not complete in class. In Social Studies and Science, there will be a few projects throughout the year that we work on at school, but they complete at home.  
Other than that, I don't believe in too much homework. The seven hours they spend working each day at school is a lot. Their brains need time to rest in order to grow. I encourage them to play outside, spend time with their families...SHARPEN THE SAW! It is important for both children and adults to have balance in our days.