November Monthly Writing
11/03/2015 11/24/2015

November Monthly Writing

Choose 3 of the following prompts and turn in your BEST writing. These are due on Tuesday, No.vember 24th

  1. Think of something or someone that you are particularly thankful for. Write a personal narrative/memoir that shows your reader why you are thankful for it/them.
  1. You get home one day from school, walk in your front door, and there is a different family there. Nobody seems to know who you are. Write this in 3rd person. Your conflict should have a resolution.
  1. Write a poem., using all of the senses, to describe Thanksgiving day with your family.
  1. Research the first Thanksgiving. Choose the point of view of either a Pilgrim or a member of the Wamponoag tribe, and write a 1st hand account of the events.