February Monthly Writing

02/26/2016 02/29/2016

February Monthly Writing

Choose THREE of the prompts below and write at least ONE PAGE for each. These are due on Monday, Feb. 29th.


1.) The month of February is Black History Month. It took a long time for African Americans to have the same freedoms and rights that all citizens of our country are entitled to. Even today, we see an inequality in rights and freedoms for all citizens of the world. Write an essay where you define what freedom means to you.


2.) Okay...Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Give me your best LOVE POEM. However, you can write your “Ode” to anyone or anything. Maybe your love poem is for our “secret crush”. Maybe it is for your favorite place in the world! Or maybe it is for your most beloved cereal. :) The choices are endless! But, you must show your reader how deeply in love you are!


3.) Charles Dickens used memories from his own life and turned them into fictional stories. Choose a memory from your own childhood and turn it into a fictional story...creating unique characters and writing from the 3rd person point of view.


4.) Pretend you are a mountain, looking down on the world below you. What do you see? Do you like what you see? Write from the 1st person point of view and talk to the world below. Do you have any advice for the world?