8:00-8:25--Leader In Me--Morning Meetings
8:25-9:50--Math Block
9:50-10:05--1st Recess/Brain Break
10:05-11:35--ELA Block
11:35-11:50--2nd Recess/Brain Break
12:20-1:30--Content or Intervention/Enrichment

We do a 3 week rotation so that the students can delve deeper into units of study instead of the traditional 1 day a week schedule.
Music--Students get to learn basics in keyboarding, Music in Technology, Global Impact of Music
Art--Weaving, clay jewelry, various painting techniques
STEM--each of these lessons are related to our reading or content (science). Students use the design process and critical thinking during these sessions. They address some real world problems to come up with solutions.
PE--encouraging our students to be healthy and make good choices life long.
Library--integrates technology and literacy
Guidance--some of the high interest units are bullying and careers. Our staff also supports the social and emotional growth of our students.