A typical day in 4th grade:
  • Morning Meeting:  Students spend 30 minutes building our classroom community and learning about the 7 Habits.  We set personal and class goals during this time as well.
  • Math:  90 minutes
  • ELA:  90 minutes of instruction, which incorporates whole group, small group, word work, exciting novel studies and independent study.
  • Content:  30 minutes to 1 hour of science or socials studies.  Topics include:
    • History of N.C.
    • Lost Colony of Roanoke
    • U.S. History
    • Rocks and Minerals
    • Electricity and Magnetism and so much more!
  • WIN (What I Need):  Enrichment and Intervention Time

Students rotate through the following specials:
Art:  Pottery, weaving, various painting techniques, etching and more
Music:  Music in technology, piano, ukulele, creation of a music video
P.E.: Volleyball, basketball, nutrition, healthy living
STEM:  Students learn the design process and address many challenges by collaborating with teammates to find solutions.  The STEM lab is funded through a grant from Duke Energy
Media:  Integrates technology and literacy
Guidance:  Anti-bullying campaign, Second-Step Lessons and Leadership