Behavior Policy

4th Grade Behavior Policy

We are now a Leader in Me school and that means we are incorporating the 7 Habits of Happy Kids into our behavior policy.  We are focused on creating leaders in our classroom and our behavior policy reflects this focus.  We will be using Class Dojo to track students behaviors and to communicate with families.  The behaviors we will be looking for will change throughout the year.  

This is an example of what we will be starting with:



Proactive (taking initiative)

Teacher can’t teach

Thinking Win-Win (I Win, You Win, We Win)

Students can’t work

Synergize (teamwork)

Misuse of technology

Puts First Things First (prioritize)

Each week students will get a percentage representing their leadership throughout the week.  They will be able to earn stars/points based on that percentage and may use those to purchase privileges (Ex: show and tell, tech time, lunch with a friend, etc.).  

Each class also has the ability to earn class rewards based on the overall class percentage on Class Dojo.  For example, if the overall class average is 80%, they will earn 8 stars towards the class reward.  

Please contact me if you have any questions.