Martin, Karen - 3rd Grade

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My name is Karen Martín. I was born and raised in Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia in South America.

I am a third grade Dual Language teacher. I have had the honor to work in Glen Arden Elementary for almost five years now.

I attended La Salle University in Colombia and earned a major in Language Teaching. I also hold a MBA in Education with emphasis on Language Didactics from Universidad Externado de Colombia. 

I have been teaching for 15 years in different grades and never stop learning. My students have been the best teachers ever! :)

I firmly believe every kid has the potential and talent to learn and to be successful, so they should believe in themselves, that is why our classroom and everyday experiences should boost my students' growth, confidence and love for learning.

I try to make my classroom a safe, friendly place where every kid feels loved, listened and included. Therefore, values such as respect, honesty, cooperation, kindness and empathy are constantly part of our meetings and class activities. 

Teaching languages is just amazing! I think that it has given me the opportunity to help my students broaden their points of view and be appreciative of what they already have as well as value differences. Being able to speak another language gives them tools not only to communicate better but also to become better citizens in a very globalized world.