Meet the Teacher

Working with the rural counties deep in the mountain- Ecuador "Techo para mi pais Ecuador"


Maria Salome Loomis Ramirez 

I was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. My family and I moved to Cuenca, Ecuador in 1993. I am the second child of three children in my family.  
I moved to the USA in 2011 and I lived in Blowing Rock, NC for 1 year.  I loved living there and learning the culture of a country which is completely different from where I lived my entire life before moving to the USA. My husband and I decided to move to Asheville, NC because he is originally from here and I fell in love with this beautiful city the first time I came to visit.
I have taught since 2007 in second and third grade in my home of Ecuador. I also worked as Pedagogy Therapist at Huiracocha-Tutiven Foundation for 3 years, working with special needs children and children with developmental delays, and my last year before moving to USA I worked as a curriculum coach in a private school.


My first experience teaching in the USA was as a teacher assistant at the school where I am currently teaching Glen Arden Elementary School in 2013. 
I am currently the Splash Kindergarten Teacher and your friend!
Sra. Loomis
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