Miscellaneous Class Information

Wednesday Work Folders

Each Wednesday your child will bring home a folder containing work that they completed during the previous week.  We ask parents to review these papers with their child to see how they are doing, and where they may need additional practice.   Your signature on the cover sheet indicates that you have seen your student's work and gone over it with them.  Please note that there will be some assignments that do not come home that go into a student portfolio that is kept at school.  These will be reviewed during conferences.


 A conference will be held at the beginning of the school year and at the end of the school year.  Other conferences may be requested (by the teacher or yourself) to discuss your child’s progress at any time throughout the year.  In school phone conferences can be conducted after 2:45 PM.  Messages can also be left in the office (654-1800).

Water Bottles

Research shows that hydration plays an important role in brain function and, therefore, the learning process.  Please send your child to school each day with a water bottle filled with water only.  Students will be permitted to keep water bottles at their desks as long as it does not prove to be a distraction.  Since we do not have a water fountain in the classroom, this will be a more efficient way for students to remain hydrated.  


Birthdays are extremely important to children, and we want to recognize each child’s birthday by singing to him or her.  However, please do not send in any food items due to the increase in students with food allergies.  You may instead send in small items for the class, however, like a bookmark, pencil, or sticker, to honor your child’s birthday.  Teachers will often mark the day with a special prize or a homework pass.  

Also, please only send birthday invitations to class if everyone in the class is included. Otherwise, to prevent hurt feelings, please find a way other than through our classroom mailboxes to deliver invitations.  

Appropriate Footwear

Children should wear athletic shoes every day.  The Healthy Child Law requires that all children are physically active during recess as well as P.E.  Having appropriate footwear helps prevent playground injuries. Flip-flops are strongly discouraged.