Safety Patrol
  • To monitor students movement throughout the school
  • To show by example good safety habits
  • To develop leadership abilities and good citizenship
  • Fourth grade students who exemplifies the high standards of Glen Arden Elementary
  • Students must fill out application
  • Students must have parental/guardian permission
  • Students must write a brief statement on "Why I want to be on safety patrol"
Patrol Duties
  • To sign in on time
  • To report to assigned duty post on time
  • To monitor safe student movement
  • To report any unsafe behavior to supervising staff
  • To assist students from the bus and car area
  • Maintain care of the patrol equipment
  • Attend patrol meetings
Three Strike Policy
  • Patrol member will be dismissed from the patrol after the third unexcused absence from duty or if member is sent to the office for disciplinary behavior.
  • Recognition at the end of the year Awards.