Virtual STEM

Hello, scientists and engineers!

I hope you and your families are doing well! I miss seeing you at school!

Here are some science activities and STEM challenges for you to try at home. These challenges are not required. Your classwork from your teachers comes first! Please make sure to get your parent's permission before starting a challenge and gathering materials. I miss seeing all your brilliant and creative ideas. I can't wait to find out what you come up with!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Take care!

Mrs. Haynes

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Virtual STEM Challenge From Mrs. Haynes:

Repurposing with a Purpose: Environmental Awareness

To repurpose means to reuse something for a different purpose. Repurposing and recycling items helps the environment by keeping those items out of our landfills. Repurposing items can also help us save money because we are reusing what we already have instead of buying something new.

Problem: With all this extra time at home, you are tired of playing with your old toys and games.

Task: Use recyclables to create a new toy or game.

Materials:  Any materials you have around your house
Examples: cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, plastic bottles, plastic containers, milk cartons, egg cartons, markers or crayons, string or yarn, glue, scissors, ribbons, newspaper, construction paper, copy paper, stapler, tape

Remember the Engineer Design Process:
First ASK yourself what you know about different types of toys. How do they work? What makes a toy fun? What materials do you have?
Then IMAGINE some solutions you can make. It can be a toy similar to something you have seen before or something brand new.
Once you have your idea, make your PLAN on how you will build your toy.
Now it's time to gather your materials and CREATE!
Remember to TEST out your prototype and IMPROVE what's not working.
PRESENT what you've built to your family at home. With your parent's permission you can also email family members a picture or video of the toy you made.

Think Beyond:
Repurpose recyclable materials to create an invention that solves a problem.

Check out Kid President or Caine's Arcade if you need some inspiration.