STEM Parent Letter

STEM Needs

Dear Parents,

We are very excited about our new STEM lab this year. Students will be working on engineering design challenges that tie into the science that they are doing in their classrooms. We have lots of materials that we’ll be using and some of them are common materials that you might throw away or recycle. We are asking that you collect these materials and send them to school with your student. They will be used in the STEM lab for some amazing projects!  Thank you for your support! 

- Mrs. Haynes

Items needed:
Small empty boxes (i.e. shoe boxes, tissue boxes, small shipping boxes, check boxes, etc)
Paper towel or wrapping paper tubes
Cardboard egg crates
Cylinder containers (Oatmeal or coffee canisters)
Paper milk cartons (rinsed out, please!)
Fabric scraps
Empty plastic water/drink bottles (rinsed out, please!)
Bottle caps
Plastic salad containers (rinsed out, please!)