News & Notes

Tips for Talking With Your Child about his/her Learning Disability

Power Up! Apps for children with disabilities

A great list of apps for kids with a variety of learning and social needs.

Social Thinking

Great information to help students with social cognitive disabilities develop stronger social skills. This is great information for students with diagnoses on the autism spectrum, ADHD, and other nonverbal learning disabilities.

Great Practice in math, language arts, science and more. This site is divided by grade level and subject area. You can register at the site, but it isn't necessary to register to use the activities.

Phonological Awareness (Information for Parents)

This site gives parents and idea of the hierarchy of skills kids need to practice when learning to read.

Schultz Center Mathematics

Great explanations of math strategies that students are taught with VIDEOS! Comes in handy when trying to help with homework.


A great site to practice letter sounds, reading, rhyming, and other skills.

K-2 Brain Games

Games to help problem solving skills