Harcharik, Karen - Art

Welcome to the Artroom
Karen Harcharik

Welcome to the ART room and the MUD (clay) room at Glen Arden Elementary School!  I am excited about all the various visual art projects that will be unfolding and evolving throughout the 2013-2014 school year.  I love my job as the art teacher at Glen Arden, and I feel fortunate to be part of this amazing school community that enthusiastically nurtures, supports, and appreciates the important role that art plays in the lives of our children.  Thank you, Glen Arden families and staff!
This is my third year as the art teacher at Glen Arden Elementary, and my fourteenth year with Buncombe County Schools.  My family and I moved to Asheville fourteen years ago from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, where we lived for eleven years.  My talented husband, Paul, is an artist, and we have been married for twenty-three years.  We have two wonderful daughters of whom we are extremely proud.  While my family and I are passionate about art, we also enjoy recreational kayaking, hiking, traveling, and bike riding.
I am a graduate of UNC-Charlotte, with a B.A. in English and a second degree, B.C.A., in Visual Art.  I also attended UNC-Asheville, earning my teaching certification in Art Education (K-12) and Elementary Education (K-6).  In addition, I hold a North Carolina teaching license in Reading (K-12) and English (6-12).
It is an honor and privilege to teach art to the talented and creative students at Glen Arden.  Through the integration of art with other curricular areas, I believe students make vital connections that are important.  Through drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery, metal tooling, and printmaking, students "create meaning" -- whether it's learning and reinforcing math concepts (ovals, triangles, and parallel lines) by observing and drawing morning glories, or integrating art and science in observing and drawing sea stars and tide pool ecosystems.
In the art room, we also learn about art from other cultures and countries, and the benefits of living in a wonderfully diverse world.  While second graders draw giraffes or fugulan caps, and create Adinkra cloths by printing symbols of personal meaning, they are learning about African culture, and while first graders create plum blossom ink paintings, they are exploring an important and traditional symbolic art form in China.
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