Dixon, Melanie - Kindergarten

Welcome to my Classroom
Melanie Dixon





I am very excited about being your child’s teacher and want to share with you about my background and experiences teaching elementary school age children.


I began my career teaching in 1990 immediately after graduating from the University of Georgia. Three of these years were spent teaching kindergarten age students in New Mexico, and for 8 years I taught3rd grade in North Carolina. I returned home, to Georgia, and worked for three years in 5th grade. I started working at Glen Arden in 2006, I am happy to be working in Kindergarten, in a wonderful school and community.  


I also have experience teaching overseas at a private school and at a private school with a Montessori based curriculum in the United States.


I have a lot of experience helping young readers (especially those at risk) grow in their reading proficiency. I was voted teacher of the year in North Carolina, New Mexico and Georgia during my teaching career due to innovative teaching methods used to help improve the reading skills of elementary school age children.


I am married with two children.  My hobbies include outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, scuba diving, and  playing golf. I also enjoy cake decorating and reupholstering furniture.


My decision to focus my career at the elementary school level is the joy of working with young children that are eager to learn new things. I look forward to helping your children get excited about reading, math, and other areas to get them prepared for 1st grade. I have a number of fun, educational activities planned around reading and math.