Spelling/High Frequency Words

Each week we take a pre-test on high frequency words that second graders are expected to spell.  Students are asked to study the first five words they unable to spell at the beginning of the week.  If a student is able to spell all or most of the high frequency words, he or she will receive enrichment words.  These enrichment words are usually vocabulary taken from other content areas (such as math, reading or science). 

Learning to spell the high frequency words is an expectation to be on grade level for second grade, while the enrichment words are an extra challenge.  According to the Buncombe County grading scale students may earn a 1, 2, 3, 4 on an assessment.  A score of “3” indicates that a child is performing on grade level.  A “4” reflects above grade level performance, and a “1” or “2” reflects below grade level performance.  We want our spelling grades to show whether a child is performing on grade level (if they are able to spell the high frequency words) or above grade level (if they are able to spell the enrichment words).

Spelling assessments will be graded as follows:  For each high frequency word that is misspelled, students will be deducted a point (starting at “3”). If a student spells all of his or her enrichment words correctly they may earn a bonus point.  Please note: Students will be held accountable for backwards letters, appropriate capitalization, and punctuation (such as an apostrophe in a contraction) when grading spelling words. Under this grading system, a student who can spell all of the high frequency words correctly (whether on the pre-test or the final assessment on Friday) will not earn below a “3”. The enrichment words will provide students with an opportunity for a challenge and to earn a “4”!