Personal Goal Information

Dear Families,

Our students have created a wonderful classroom community and are doing a great job of communicating with each other.  In order to help our students continue to grow I am asking each child to set a weekly goal.  Please work with your student each Monday to set a goal for the week.  Goals can be anything your student needs to work on related to school. Please help your child pick a goal that is specific, reasonable, and attainable.  On Thursday, please have a quick meeting with your child to evaluate the progress made toward the goal. 

I have included some suggestions below to help you set goals, and am happy to help with more ideas if needed.  These are just suggestions to help you get started, please feel free to make your own goals as needed. 

The goal form for this week is on the back of this letter.  Please keep goals in the ‘Return To School’ side of the folder all week so that your child can have access to it at any time as a reminder.  I will collect the completed forms each Friday morning after you have done the evaluation.  I can’t wait to look through them at the end of the year to see how much each child has grown!

Good Examples of goals:

-I want to work on raising my hand before speaking.

-I want to work on not interrupting my friends/teacher.

-I want to work on remembering to turn in my folder or get a baggy book or sharpen my pencils before the bell or sign up for lunch or write my name on my paper, etc…. (choose one specific task to work on).

-I want to work on not touching other students’ work on the hallways.

-I want to work on getting my morning tasks started as soon as I come in.

-I want to work on doing one extra kind act for a friend each day.

-I want to work on meeting new friends at recess.

-I want to work on cleaning up after my snack.

-I want to work on doing my homework without being asked.

-I want to work on remembering to bring my folder or lunch or jacket to school everyday (choose one specific item to remember).

-I want to work on remembering to use capital letters at the beginning of each sentence.

-I want to work on making sure I am writing during writing time instead of talking to my neighbors.

-I want to work on realizing when I need to move to a different place to do my work so that I can stay focused.

-I want to work on asking for help when I need it instead of waiting for my teacher to notice that I am stuck.

-I want to work on making better choices who I sit next to or get in line next to.

-I want to work on being quiet in the hallway.

-I want to make sure to compliment at least one person each day.

Examples of not-so-great goals:

-I want to remember to feed my cat/make my bed/brush my teeth every day (great goals, but not about school).

-I want to not get in trouble (too vague, pick on problem to work on)

-I want to help my friends (too vague, what exactly will you do to help them?)

-I want to be responsible (pick one thing you forget to do)

-Also…be sure to pick something you really need to work on, not something you are already successful with.

Weekly Personal Goal




My Goal for the week:

(see the letter on the back for ideas)

Goal Evaluation:

Please work together to check and/or complete each statement below that

___My family and I think I met my goal and I am ready for a new goal.

__ My family and I think I have met my goal, but think I need to keep working on it so that I can do even better or make sure I have really made it a habit.

___I have been working on my goal, but think I could work harder.  This is what I am planning to do to try to reach my goal:

__ I need help with my goal from __________________ and this is what that person can do to help me:

___ We decided this was not a reasonable goal after all because:

___ Oops! I haven’t been working on my goal this week.

___Other notes, thoughts, suggestions….