Behavior Charts

Expectations and Consequences

(Please keep this paper in a safe place for future reference)

 -Students are responsible for tracking their own behavior during the day.  Many of them are still working on recording tallies when they are earned or given out.  Students are usually given opportunities for tallies several times per hour so you should see more than 2- 3 tallies a day.  Only seeing a few tallies may indicate that your child is not keeping track.  It may also indicate that while they were not asked to make a change, they may not have been on task when asked to self-monitor.  I will often use self-monitoring as a reward (star tally) for those who are on task and a gentle reminder to get back to work for those off task.

 -Students are responsible for taking the chart home each day.  Returning to the classroom after dismissal counts as forgetting to take the chart home as it should be put into the folder during pack up time.   The consequence for leaving the chart at school is losing the points from the day it was forgotten and starting the next day with a change tally.

 -At the end of the day students are responsible for recording the points they have earned for the day.  This task should be the student’s responsibility, but some children need extra support remembering this step so if your child is consistently forgetting to add up points you may need to set up a reminder system.  The consequence for not adding up points is the loss of any points earned the day the points were not totaled.

Only Star Tallies and 0 Changes= 2 points

More Star Tallies than Changes =1 point

More Changes than Star Tallies = 0 points.

 -Charts need to be signed each night by an adult family member or guardian and returned in the homework folder.  Again, you may need to decide as a family a support system to help your child learn this responsibility.  The consequence for not getting the chart signed is to lose the points from the day the chart was not signed and starting the next day with a change tally.

 -Charts need to be reviewed and signed on Fridays and returned in the homework folder on Monday.  Students with unsigned charts in folders will lose the points for Friday.  Students who do not turn in a chart at all will lose points for the week unless the chart is signed and returned Tuesday and the student makes the effort to ask me about adding points to the chart. 

 As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!