We all want the school environment to be safe and comfortable.  Glen Arden's Safe School Plan requires that all visitors, including parents, come to the office to sign in and have photo taken on the "Ident-A-Kid" Computer.  All visitors are required to wear a badge while in the building.  Anyone in the main building before or after school without a badge will be asked to report to the office or leave the building.  The morning preparations in the classroom establish the tone for the day; therefore, parents may not visit or conference before school begins without an appointment with the teacher.  We need your support and your volunteer time; however, for the sake of the children and the staff, we must know who is in the building at all times.


Calling all parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles - we need you!  The saying, "It takes the whole village to educate a child," is true.  We need volunteers to assist with our tutorial program, special class activities, and PTO projects . . . you name it!  Many of you have special interests or knowledge you can share.  One of the most important things you can do is simply take the time to sit with a child and read a book.  All volunteers must fill out a volunteer application from the county web site and submit it.  Once approved, sign in on the computer located in the front office to record the time you donate to the school.  The Continuous Improvement Team must keep yearly documentation of volunteer hours.  Glen Arden is proud of our history of outstanding volunteer support.  Please consider joining us this year.  Each teacher decides how and when volunteers can be useful in the classroom.  See your child’s teacher or call the office if you are willing to become part of the team.