Parent Checklist

As a parent, you have some responsibilities to help your child be successful in school.  Here is a suggested checklist:

1. I have met and talked with my child’s teacher, guidance counselor or principal.
2. I have a general understanding of what my child is expected to learn for the school year.
3. I have established a regular bedtime and homework time for my child.
4. I expect my child to take challenging courses, including mathematics, reading and writing.
5. I make sure my child has a good breakfast each morning.
6. I talk to my child about the importance of doing his/her best.
7. I expect my child to study at least an hour each day.
8. My child and I read together at least once a week.
9. I try to nurture my child’s abilities.
10. I encourage my child not to fall behind in classwork.
11. I try to find ways to praise my child’s behavior daily.
12. When my child has a problem in school, we try to tackle it together.
13. I talk with my child about the progress he/she is making in each class.
14. When my child has not been successful, I make a special effort to boost his/her self-esteem.
15. I make every effort to be actively involved in my child’s education and school.

Source: A Guide to the ABC’s for Parents – Public Schools of NC