Media Center


The Media Center houses our books, periodicals, research materials, research computers and a host of other valuable learning tools.  The Media Center will be open every day for students to check out books, specific times are yet to be determined.  Afternoon checkout will be from 2:00 - 2:30 daily.  At other times during the day, students may come to the Media Center with teacher permission.  Each class in grades K-2 have a regularly scheduled Media Center time built into the schedule as well.

All computers in the Media Center have Internet capability, as do all computers located inside the building.  You will be asked to sign an Internet Agreement form giving permission for your child to use the Internet.  Buncombe County Schools has provided the individual schools with a screening and blocking program, which helps us make sure that only appropriate material may be accessed.  

Internet Use by Parents Policy

  1. Parents may use Internet Explorer on the Media Center computers between the hours of 2:30 and 3:30 on days approved by the Media Specialist.

  2. Internet Explorer is not available to parents on days when staff members are using the computers for a workshop or meeting in the Media Center.

  3. Parents may not use Internet Explorer on classroom computers.

  4. Home pages are not accessible due to restrictive school filters to Internet Explorer.

Parents have access to a Parent Resource Library, which has books and videos on a variety of subjects regarding parenting skills, disciple, and many other topics.  See Lee Ann Smith, Media Specialist, or the guidance counselor, if you are interested.