Early Dismissal/Appointments

Early Dismissalsweather

We are concerned about your child's transportation in the event school is dismissed early because of inclement weather.  It is important that you discuss with your child what he/she is to do in such a situation.  Please realize that we cannot call you because of a shortage of phone lines.  Please check local radio and TV channels and listen for the Alert Now system for early dismissal information on days when weather conditions are unfavorable.  You can also check for closings on Buncombe County Schools' webpage

drWhen your child has a doctor's appointment

Should you need to pick up your child early, you need to go to the office, not the classroom.  The office staff will call the classroom and ask that your child be sent to the office.  You will need to sign your child out in the office on the Ident-A-Kid computer and give the reason for the early dismissal.  It is helpful if you send a note in the morning notifying the teacher of the need to pick up your child early.  The teacher can have your child packed up and ready to leave when you check in at the office.  Glen Arden's Safe Schools Policy requires a written note, signed by the parent, in order for a child to be dismissed to anyone other than the parent or guardian.  Picture ID's may be required before a child is dismissed. When returning from a doctor/dental appointment parents will bring the student back through the office and sign them back in on the computer.