Classroom Guidelines

Classroom Guidelines

Guns, knives, or any other weapons, including play weapons cannot be brought on school property or to a school-sponsored activity.  This is considered to be a serious misconduct according to Buncombe County Schools Policy #460.

Alcohol (Policy #470) and tobacco (Policy #455) are not allowed on campus or at school-sponsored activities.

Fighting, bullying and inappropriate language are
not permitted.

Students are
expected to walk in the building.

Students are
not allowed to sell personal items at school.

Invitations for parties may only be passed out at school if they are for the entire class. (All boys and all girls invites are acceptable.)

Toys and games
must be left at home unless the teacher has given permission for your child to bring the items to school.

Gifts for students may not be delivered to the school. This includes flowers, balloons, cookie bouquets, etc.

Requests for money from other students may not be made.

Students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school.

Cell phones are a distraction at school. Elementary students are not permitted to bring cell phones to school. Students under the age of twelve have consistent adult supervision. Therefore they have access to the school phone for emergency calls.  Cell phones found at school will be kept in the office and the parent will have to pick it up.  If a family has an emergency situation, contact the principal/ assistant principal and together we will develop a plan that will facilitate communications as needed.

 All infractions should be reported to a teacher or school personnel.

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