Arrival and Departure of Students

The warning bell will ring at 7:55. Announcements will be made at 8:00. Students cannot arrive on campus prior to 7:15 A.M.  Adult supervision will not begin until this time.  Glen Arden cannot be legally liable for children dropped off at school before 7:15. Upon arrival those students may go to the cafeteria for breakfast.  All students are invited and eligible for Universal Free Breakfast.  in Grades K-2 students will report to the Media Center. Students in Grades 3-4 will report to the back of the cafeteria.  All students will be sent to their classrooms at 7:40.  Afternoon dismissal begins at 2:25 immediately following announcements.  Dismissal times are as follows:                                                       

2:25                        Bell rings – Grade Level dismissal begins

2:30                        Car Riders

2:40                        After-School – Vans – Walkers 

If you need to change your child’s transportation home, please send in a note with your child that morning.  Emergency transportation changes need to be made NO LATER than 1:30 to ensure that the information gets to the teacher in time.  Students picked up early for appointments will NOT be called to the office until the parent arrives unless their class is on the playground at the time.  If a note is NOT sent in and your child is on the playground, you will have to wait for recess to be over.  As part of our Safe Schools plan, students may not go in alone and teachers may not leave other students unsupervised to let a child in.  Parents may NOT go to the playground to pick up their child.


In order to provide additional safety for car riders, the following procedures will be implemented.
1.  Parents will be provided with an 8.5” by 11” car sign with their child’s/children’s name/names on it to place on the dash on the passenger side of your vehicle when arriving at the loading zone.  If this card is not visible to the staff at the car rider line, the driver must park, come to the office and identify themselves by showing their driver’s license before the child is released.
2. Please remain in your car during pick-up time.  For the safety of the children, we will not allow parents to stand in the lobby to wait on their child.  The car line moves quickly if all parents follow the procedures.
3.  Anyone calling the school requesting that their child be a car rider may be asked to come inside to identify themselves. Therefore, if the school has not been notified in advance, prepare for a delay when checking any child out. A note to the teacher for all transportation changes is required, except in the case of an emergency.
4.  Students who have doctor or dental appointments before dismissal must bring a note to the teacher and parents must come inside to sign them out.
5.  Persons picking up students must provide a driver’s license number which will be verified and recorded for future reference in the office.
6.  We are requesting that parents not form a car rider line before 2:15 Those first in line should stop before they reach the circle and wait until a staff member begins calling names for students to come out.
7.  Anyone not complying with established school procedures will be reported to the principal and school resource officer.
8.  Parents are responsible for notifying the office and providing identification when there is a change in afternoon transportation.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment at school and dismissal. Your cooperation is essential. Thank you for complying with these procedures.

Car Riders

If you choose to bring your child/children to school and/or pick them up after school, you must use the front entrance.  The back entrance is for buses only. Please DO NOT park and walk in to pick up your child to avoid the line.  This is a safety issue and you will be asked to sign in if you enter the building.  Staff members and Safety Patrol will be on duty in the traffic circle to watch your child go into the building in the morning and to help get children to their car in the afternoon.  Signs will be provided for all car riders, please place these signs in the front passenger side window.  Please pull up to the designated places to drop off/pick up your child Do not drop your child/children off in any other area.  This is a safety hazard.  Be aware that the Glen Arden driveway is marked with double yellow lines and passing another car could result in a traffic ticket. 

Do NOT get out of your car in the car rider line.  The patrols will open the car door for your child if they are unable to do it.  If your kindergarten student is unable to buckle his or her car seat buckle please pull around to the far side of the traffic circle to buckle him or her in.  Do not hold up the car line buckling your child in.