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Fast track your child's registration process by filling out and turning in Enrollment Forms today.
Complete the following forms via the links below. 
  1. New Student Enrollment -  Buncombe County Registration

  2. Health Assessment Form- This form must be completed by the child's doctor and turned into the school. (Only for New North Carolina students and Kindergarten Students - this form is included in the Enrollment Packets above also)
  3. Medication Log
    - If your student needs to take medication at school, you will need to print out and complete this form. Please note that the front side is to be completed by your child's doctor.
  4. Volunteer Application
    - Glen Arden loves its parents to volunteer but Buncombe County Schools requires all volunteers to have an application on file. Volunteers working with students will need to have a background check. This process can take a while so if you would like to volunteer, please submit your form as soon as possible. This is an online application only, no need to print it off and bring it in. Simply submit here.
  5. Free and Reduced Lunch Form Request - Click here  to fill the application out online
  6. Disciplinary Status Affidavit
    - only for students who have attended another school system previously. Glen Arden Elementary has a free notary for your convenience should you need to have forms notarized.
What you need to provide along with your Enrollment forms:

□   Photo Identification of parent/legal guardian.

□   Copy of child’s certified birth certificate (needs to have state seal and list name of parent who is registering student). If you submit your forms by fax or as attachments to an email, please include a copy of the birth certificate and bring the certified copy with you to Kindergarten registration.

□   Proof of guardianship. Can include birth certificate, divorce papers, Social Services paperwork, or paperwork signed by a judge awarding custody. Custody paperwork authorized by a judge or Social Services/foster care placement paperwork is required for all children not living with their natural parent. 

□   Copy of up-to-date immunization records. If your child is not immunized, you will need to speak with a school nurse. **NC Law requires a complete immunization record within 30 calendar days of enrollment in school. Failure to comply will result in student suspension with compliance required prior to re-admission. **

□   Health Assessment (All New Students to North Carolina) – your child’s doctor will have a copy of this form. You can also print one from the link above. **NC Law requires a complete Health Assessment within 30 calendar days of enrollment in school. Failure to comply will result in student suspension with compliance required prior to re-admission. **

□   Two proofs of residency. (1) Current utility bill: electric power, water, or gas (NO television, internet or phone) and (2) mortgage statement, rental/lease agreement, deed, or buyer’s agreement. These proofs must include a parent/guardian’s name and the address in the Glen Arden School District.

□   Additional Information Needed from Home Schooled Students:

□ Home school registration

□ Attendance record

□ Standardized test scores

□ Record of courses taken and credit awarded.

□ Portfolio of work: course descriptions, sample of work including: exams, hours spent per course curriculum used.

Choose the way you want to fill out and submit your enrollment paperwork:

□   You may use the online forms to print, fill out and fax, mail or turn in to the school office.

□   You may pick up an Enrollment Packet from the school, fill out by hand and fax, mail or turn in to the school office.

□   If you can scan the documents, you may also return by attaching them to an email.

The Certified copy of the student’s Birth Certificate needs to be submitted in person. We will make a copy of the birth certificate and return the original to you. You may submit all other documents by fax, mail, turn in to the school or as an attachment to an email.
 Dawn Peterson, Information Specialist 
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Glen Arden Elementary
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