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Scott Lister
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Hello Glen Arden parents and students!  I am thrilled to have been at Glen Arden Elementary for going on my 7th year and am very excited to continue to serve students and the community this year as Assistant Principal.  I have experience in health care and education serving as a Speech-Language Pathologist, and received my B.S. in Communication Disorders at the University of Central Florida and a M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology at Florida State University.  In 2006, I completed my Ed.S. degree in Educational Leadership through Western Carolina University. This is my 13th year as an Assistant Principal in Buncombe County Schools- and I have a passion in helping children grow as individuals, and in supporting parents and teachers to make every day a great day for children.  

I am challenging myself to practice these 3 things toward staff, parents, children and our school community as a whole this year.

1– EMPATHY: There are so many circumstances that students, parents, and staff are enduring so we will practice empathy toward eachother and a heartfelt understanding that we will work through things TOGETHER

2– OPTOMISM / POSITIVITY: All of us would benefit greatly from commiting to as positive an attitude as possible, helping to reduce anxiety in all of us and our children/students and positivity when finding solutions TOGETHERYOU make and can change your own “weather” and have a great impact on other’s weather systems as well.

3– ENCOURAGEMENT: expectations for staff, student, and community safety, and for a high quality education for all students are critical and best when presented with a nurturing patience, understanding, and care for one another.  TOGETHERWE can do this! 

*** I developed this list of 3 practices after my wife asked me a question (after seeing me increase in nervousness, anxiety, etc. for the school year)….. “Do you think you will be able to sustain this…. ?, all school year long?”  I quickly realized that “no”… I wouldn’t be able to… and so I challenge staff, parents, students, and community members– our kids deserve the best, let’s work together to give them our BEST!  WE’VE- GOT- THIS!, Go Glen Arden Rams!
Mr. Lister


One of my roles involves being the school's bus coordinator- please read the information below carefully.  There will be new procedures in place for children riding the bus.

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COVID - 19 Bus Procedures: Morning Bus Pick up only
1.  Students will receive temperature checks prior to getting on the bus.
2.  The bus monitor will ask COVID-19 Screening Questions every prior to allowing students to board the bus.
3.  Hand sanitizer will be provided to child and he/she will be asked to sit in the back of the bus (bus will be loaded from back to front)
4.  In the event that a student does not pass the screenings, students will not be able to board the bus.  
5.  Parents must remain at the bus stop while the student is screened prior to boarding the bus.

School Bus Safety Rules

1. Treat all people with respect on the bus.
2. Be at your designated bus stop on time.
3. Do not eat or drink on the bus, tamper with bus seats, or throw objects.
4. Stay seated in your designated seat with bottom down and back against the seat.
5. Moving from seat to seat is not allowed unless directed by bus driver.
6. Keep your hands and feet inside the bus at all times. 
7. Follow bus driver directions and use RAM STAR behavior at all times.

** Children are regularly awarded RAM STAR award tickets to earn a variety of prizes and have their names announced for positive behavior on the bus!

*  Parents- please be aware that during the first few weeks of school there can be +/- 10 to 15 minutes of variability in the morning pick-up times and drop-off times due to student ridership fluctuating from day to day, large #'s of students changing from car to bus riders, etc. and throughout the year due to mechanical issues, sub drivers' lack of familiarity of the routes, weather related issues, etc.

 *  If a child will be changing their transportation plans in any way from the norm, parents need to send a handwritten note or faxed and note with a parent signature to the child's classroom teacher or school office.  EXAMPLE:  "My child ________ typically rides by 268, but for today ______ he will be a car rider".

*  No transportation changes will be accepted later than one hour before dismissal (which could be 1:30 pm for regular school days, and 11:30 am for early dismissal/ PLAN B days , unless approved by an administrator in an emergency.

 *  Unfortunately, due to our buses typically being filled to capacity we do not allow students to ride with their friends and be dropped off for "play dates".
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I can be reached at (828) 654-1800.  I am really looking forward to a great school year!

 Go GAES Rams!

S C O T T   L I S T E R
Assistant Principal        
(828) 654-1800