Assistant Principal

Meet the Assistant Principal
Ben Jackson

Hey Everybody!
I'm excited to be joining the Glen Arden family! I am born and raised in Asheville, and have taught in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools before coming back to WNC. Prior to joining Glen Arden, I've been serving several schools in the Reynolds District, as their Assistant Principal. I do oversee bussing and bus discipline, so please check out the information below. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Bus Rules:
- Treat all people with respect, on the bus.
- Be at your designated bus stop on time.
- Masks are required to ride the bus.
- Stay seated in your assigned seat with bottom down and back against the seat.
- Moving from seat to seat is not allowed, unless directed by the bus driver.
- Keep your hands and feet to yourself & inside the bus at all times.
- Follow bus driver directions and use RAM STAR behavior at all times.

Bus Consequences:
1st Bus Referral - Parent Contact/Warning
2nd Bus Referral - 1 Day Bus Suspension
3rd Bus Referral - 3 Day Bus Suspension
4th Bus Referral - 5 Day Bus Suspension
5th Bus Referral - 10 Day Bus Suspension
6th Bus Referral - 20 Day Bus Suspension
7th Bus Referral - Indefinite Bus Suspension