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Posted on 06/21/2021
Congratulations! You and your child successfully navigated in person and/or virtual learning for the 2020-21 school year. We are inspired by your family's resilience and commitment to your child's education. During this summer, please take the time to rest, recuperate, and prepare for the 2021-22 school year. Let's make this the best school year yet! If at any time during this summer, you find your child or family in need of additional social and emotional support, we encourage you to check out the resources below. Per usual, we here at Glen Arden Elementary are at your service to support your child and family in any way that we can. Have a great summer!

Going Back to School After a Tragedy: This article addresses how to respond to your child if he/she is coming back to school for the first time after being engaged in virtual learning.

A Parent's Guide to Coping with the Coronavirus Crisis: This tool supports a variety of parent's needs, including but not limited to, providing additional emotional support for children dealing with heightened levels of anxiety, negative behaviors, etc. following the crisis.

Helping Your Child Identify His/Her Feelings: One of the best strategies to help your child thrive at school is to educate him/her on how to identify his/her feelings. Check out

Coping Skills to Help Your Child Regulate His/Her emotions:

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