Kindergarten STEAM with Dads

Superbowl STEAM
Posted on 02/06/2020
students and dads at Superbowl STEAM event
Superbowl STEAM with Dads!

Kindergarten hosted their first SUPERBOWL STEAM day with Dads on Thursday, Feb 6. Students and Dads rotated through 5 STEAM stations:

Science - Grow a "grass head" much like the grass used on a football field

Technology - Students and Dads got their pictures taken at our football photo booth and then used Chatterpix to create a cheering character to root on their favorite team!

Engineering  - Families built a field goal post using various materials. They also constructed a football to "kick" through their goal.

Art - Students used their fine motor skills to sew a football together..

Math - Students and Dads played a math game to review addition skills in hopes of scoring a touch down! Happy to say there were not that many "fumbles" made!

It was a fun filled afternoon that we hope will become a Kindergarten Tradition!