Bus Policy

Bus Policy
School Bus

We are excited about the beginning of a new school year!  After collaborating with our bus drivers and principal, we have updated 2016/17 policies to establish consistency of expectations and discipline on our school buses to ensure the safety of all children who ride the bus.  Please review the rules below with your children.

Bus Safety Rules: 

  1. Treat all people with respect on the bus.
  2. Be at your designated bus stop on time. 
  3. Do not eat or drink on the bus, tamper with bus seats, or throw objects.
  4. Stay seated in your designated seat with bottom down and back against the seat.
  5. Moving from seat to seat is not allowed unless directed by bus driver.
  6. Keep your hands and feet inside the bus at all times.
  7. Follow bus driver directions and use RAM STAR behavior at all times.

Bus Awards:

  • Students earn a variety of prizes when they are recognized by the drivers for displaying RAM STAR behavior on the bus.
  • They get to hear their name on the announcements for positive behavior.


The bus rules and expectations are reviewed with students at the beginning of every school year.  If individual students have been provided warnings previously, a bus incident referral may be drafted.  It may be decided that an administrator may conference with the child, call parents about behavior concerns, or they may follow through with a bus suspension.  Typically, students receive one day off the bus for minor behavior at that time.  However, administrators may determine that the behavior warrants a longer bus suspension (many times depending upon the severity of the behavior).  A three-day bus suspension might be considered if previous warnings and suspensions were provided, and a week long bus suspension would be considered for frequent chronic and unsafe behavior.  On rare occasions, students might be considered for even longer bus suspensions.  Bus clean-up may also be used for students that have not respectfully kept the bus clean (eating, leaving wrappers on the bus, etc.)

Again, please review the bus safety rules with your children.  Riding a school bus is a privilege that can be taken away if a student is frequently not following the rules.  We’re counting on students to be :

Respectful, Accountable, Mindful, and Safe RAM STARS!