Homework Policy

4th Grade Homework Policy

Note: this may change due to expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a grade level we believe students should not be bogged down with a lot of homework. Students work hard all day and it is important for them to spend time with their families each day.  With this in mind: NIGHTLY--we are asking students to read each night for 20 minutes and some nights complete a written response (30 min total).  Students will be given a math spiral review page or one word problem to be completed each night (10-15 min total).  

INCOMPLETE WORK--There may be some instances that a child will have more to do during the week.  If a student doesn’t finish an assignment in class, the teacher may choose to send that work home to be completed.     PROJECTS--We are planning on students working on various projects throughout the year that may require time at home (ex: building a lighthouse).  We will always strive to have the bulk of the work completed at school and you will be notified in advance.

We hope this policy allows for kids to be kids and families to enjoy their evenings together.