Mrs. Harcharik

Art  classes for are held every week.  Each art class is 45 minutes long.  We have done a range of projects in each grade.

Kindergarten-  We learned how to paint with tempera and watercolor.  We also learned about color, shapes, symmetry, cutting, gluing.  We have incorporated various subjects into our works of art such as family, food, animals and habitats.  Reading is always part of each unit.


First Grade-  We have incorporated literature into our projects.  We have read books such as Where the Wild Things Are, Owl Moon and Rainbow Fish.  We learned to create our own versions of these books through visual representation.  We have painted, cut, pasted, and folded to created 3-D animals such as the owl.


Second Grade-  The projects in this class have also had some focus on literature.  One of our first projects was based on a book called Tar Beach by author and artist Faith Ringgold.  We did our own collage of big city buildings like the ones in the book.  We also did a project called “My colorful pet” in which the children drew their pet and colored them different colors based on the pet’s personality.  The children learned about horizon lines and foreground, middleground, and background in this project. 


Third Grade-  The children in third grade have learned how to mix paint colors to create other colors.  They learned about such art techniques as pointillism and stippling.  They used the techniques they learned to create a pointillism painting based on paintings by the artist Georges Seurat, better known in our class as “Seurat the Dot.”   We also learned about color through a lesson on chameleons.  We stretched our imaginations when we did a lesson called “Crazy Flowers.”  In this project, we dreamed up and drew flowers that could only grow in our imaginations.


Fourth Grade-  We have experimented with several different art techniques such as wet-on-wet painting, silhouettes, wax-resist and linocut stamp-making.  We learned about profiles while working on our silhouette drawings.  We learned how to draw realistic trees from observing nature, using the “Y-Tree technique.”  We made our own linoleum stamps by learning how to carve with linocut tools.  During that lesson we focused on tool safety and the correct way to use tools in the classroom.