School Lunch Program

The "Four Seasons Cafe" offers well-balanced, nutritious, not to mention yummy, meals for students daily.  Buncombe County Schools Child Nutrition Department issues monthly menus for your convenience. It can also be found on the (double entrée).  Your child has the option of buying lunch or bringing lunch from home. Due to Healthy Child Procedures, no outside meals such as Subway, McDonalds, etc. will be allowed in the “Four Seasons Café”.   Please do not send any carbonated drinks for snack, as part of your child's lunch or on a field trip.

Parents eating with their children must follow the same requirements as our students.  Each student has an account, similar to your bank account, in the cafeteria computer.  Prepaying is a very convenient way to make sure your child does not forget lunch money or lose it.  We encourage you to prepay on a weekly or monthly basis.

There are a variety of extra items students may purchase.  Students must bring money for extra items or snacks.  The cafeteria staff will deduct the appropriate amount from the student's account.  Lunches can be charged in an emergencyParents will receive notification of lunch charges and payment of the bill is expected at that time.

You will receive a cafeteria balance from your child's account with each report card.  K students will receive a balance each 9 weeks.

Applications for free and reduced lunch are available in the office.  These must be filled out by the parents and returned to the school the day after you receive them.  You will be notified of the decision made by the Buncombe County Child Nutrition Department.  Until then, your child must bring lunch money daily.

Parents and grandparents are always welcome to join their child/children/grandchild for lunch.  Once again, due to Healthy Child Procedures, no outside meals such as Subway, McDonalds, etc. will be allowed in the “Four Seasons Café”.  Due to limited space and table assignments, guests will eat at designated tables with their children. 


Special lunches are planned for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Grandparent's Day.  For these special days, reservations are required and meals must be paid for in advance. On all other days, feel free to join your child.  We do ask that you come by the office to sign in on the computer and get a badge.


Healthy Child Lunch Prices for 2016-2017


                                                Student                Universal Free

                                                Adult                     A La Carte


                                                Student                $2.45

                                                Adult                     $4.05

                                                Milk only             $.85       


We want the children to enjoy their lunch.  It is one time in the day when they can socialize with classmates and talk freely.  We do ask that good manners be exhibited in the cafeteria, just as you expect good manners at the dinner table.  Please discuss proper behavior with your child and help us by reinforcing good eating habits.