Precautions must be taken when handling medication at school.  Buncombe County Schools Policy sets certain conditions, which must be followed when dispensing medication.

1. We must have a medication form signed by the physician and the parent on file in the office for all prescription and non-prescription medication.  This form will state the following information: Name of medication, dosage, time to be given, dates to be given, reason to be given, form of medication (pill, capsule, liquid) and any possible side effects.  We will not be able to administer any medication if this form is not on file.

2. All medication must be delivered to school by a parent.  It cannot be sent with the child on the bus.  The school office is open from 6:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

3. Prescription medication must be brought to the office in the original pharmacy bottle with the pharmacist's label giving the patient's name, prescription period, and directions for administering the medication and all other pertinent information.

4. Children may not keep any form of prescription or non-prescription medication in the classroom.  This includes cough drops, anti-itch cream, etc.