History of School

The History of Glen Arden

Glen Arden Elementary School opened in the fall of 1971.  The school was unique in that it was the first elementary school built in Buncombe County in twenty years.  Goals were established to involve the children and the community in the total school program.  These goals are utmost in our philosophy and have proven to be a strength.  In 1983 the school volunteer program won a state award.  For the last several years, our volunteer hours have topped the 10,000-hour mark.

Glen Arden originally housed grades 1-6. In 1975, Kindergarten programs were added, and in 1980 the sixth grade moved to Valley Springs Middle School.  When the doors opened, there were approximately 525 students.  Today there are approximately 700 children enrolled.  In December of 2001, a fourteen classroom addition for K-2 opened.  An expansion to the lunchroom and a stage in the gym was completed in August of 2001.  In August of 2011 the SPLASH program was added, and in January of 2012 the fifth grade was moved to Charles Koontz Intermediate School.

The Glen Arden Mission statement is "Glen Arden Elementary School encourages all students to be actively involved in problem solving and critical thinking.  We recognize and respect the diversity of our learners and strive to meet individual differences.  Our school works cooperatively with parents and community to help our students become confident, self directed and lifelong learners."  Our philosophy has been and will continue to be to promote optimum growth for each child and to provide the skills needed in our rapidly changing world.  It takes the joint effort of the school staff, parents and the community to do the best we can for our children.
In 1997, Glen Arden was named a North Carolina School of Excellence.  This is the highest state award for student achievement.  We are proud to announce that we have earned the same award for student performance each year since the Accountability Program began in 1996.  We pledge to continue our quest for providing the ultimate education for your child.