2015 – 2016 Glen Arden

Chess Club


Chess Club will begin October 1st.  We will meet every Thursday immediately after school (2:35) in Mrs. Katz’s room (room # 402).  No Chess Club on Early Release days

 Group lessons are divided by ability & interest level.  The beginners group (generally grades K – 2) is from 2:35 to 3:15 – during this time they have their lesson & practice skills by playing games.  The advanced group (generally grades 3 -4) is from 2:35 to 3:45, during this time they have their lesson & refresh skills by playing against their peers.  Students can advance from beginners to advanced group during the year.

  Dues are paid each semester, dues cover:

·         Glen Arden Chess Club t-shirt

·         Weekly chess instruction with Carl Erhman, one of Asheville’s leading players

·         Club tournaments

·         Trophies or medals for tournaments 

Club Rules & Expectations:

For Students

The Glen Arden Chess Club supports the behavioral expectations of the school’s “R.A.M. Stars” behavior goals.   Further, Chess Club members:

  • Will not disturb games, including commenting on their own or other games being played.  Players will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times & will shake hands with their opponents when the game is finished.
  • Will help clean up boards & pieces and straighten the room after chess club is over.
  • Will bring any problems to the attention of teachers and parents.

For Parents/Caregivers

        Parents/Caregivers are asked to volunteer twice every half-year period.  You need not be familiar with chess to help with club operation.

         Parents/Caregivers need to be prompt in picking up children after Chess Club.

Pickup is:         3:15 for the beginners group; and  

                         3:45 for the advanced group.