GAES Bus Needs

Bus Positions Available
Posted on 11/14/2019
Bus Driving Position Openings:

1. We have a position that is a 2 hour morning driver need (6-8:00 am) that also can include opportunities to sub drive in the afternoon and full day field trips)

2. We have a need for a couple of sub drivers (available as needed and for scheduled full day field trips).

TSA: Transportation Safety Assistant Position Opening:
TSA's are responsible for the safety of students with special education needs on the special education buses (safely securing wheelchairs and safety vests for students on the buses, etc.) but it does not involve driving.

1. We have a 4.5 hour / day TSA position opening  (6-8:00am, 2:15-4:45pm)

Please contact Mr. Lister ASAP if interested.