Community Learning Partners

Community Learning Partners
Posted on 08/30/2017
GAES Parents and Community Partners,
Would you like to help bring your child's and other children's learning to life by partnering with a teacher in our school to share how your work (architecture, construction, nursing, agriculture, banking, etc.) relates to the learning in our classrooms at Glen Arden Elementary? ..... then being a part of our Glen Arden CLP: Community Learning Partners program might be for you!  
I am interested in growing a community of parents and community members to support "real world" application of learning in our classrooms by connecting them with teachers and organizing brief instructional times when CLPs can share their life and work experiences to support the learning in our classrooms.  This program would support growing 21st century learning opportunities for our children in the areas of: creativity, critical thinking, innovation skills, environmental literacy, information media/ technology literacy, life and career skills, health literacy, global awareness, etc.)

Simply contact Mr. Lister at (828) 654-1800 or through email at: 

Inspiring video to watch:

I am looking forward to working with parents and community members to provide some really great learning opportunities for children this year!

Mr. Lister - Assistant Principal