According to North Carolina state law, all children entering public or private schools in North Carolina must present documented evidence of having received the following immunizations:
  • 5 DTP, DTaP, or DT doses (If 4th dose is after 4th birthday, 5th dose is not required; DT requires medical exemption.)
  • 4 POLIO VACCINE doses (If 3rd dose is after 4th birthday, 4th dose is not required.)
  • 1-4 Hib doses (Series complete if at least 1 dose given on/after 15 months and before 5 years of age; not required after age 5.)
  • 3 Hep B doses (Children born on or after July 1, 1994 are required to have 3 doses.)
  • 2 Measles doses (at least 30 days apart; 1st dose on/after 12 months of age)
  • 2 Mumps doses (One dose on or after 12 months of age and before age 16 months and a second dose before enrolling in school for the first time.)
  • 1 Rubella dose (on/after 12 months of age)
  • 1 Varicella dose (chickenpox) (on/after 12 months of age and before 19 months for children born on/after April 1, 2001) However, an individual with laboratory tests showing immunity or a history of chickenpox documented by a health care provider, parent, guardian or person in loco parentis shall not be required to receive varicella vaccine.

All kindergartners are required by state law to have a physical examination within 12 months prior to the beginning of school. A Kindergarten Health Assessment is available at the school. The Kindergarten Health Assessment must be completed before the child enters kindergarten.

Children must be five (5) years old by August 31 to enroll in public school kindergarten. The only exception to this is NC state legislation enacted in 1997 which allows gifted 4-year-old children who meet state and local criteria to enroll in public school kindergartens. Entering first graders must be six (6) years old by October 16. Ages must be verified by the child's birth certificate.

All parents of kindergarten children should have:

  • copies of their child's certified birth certificate
  • immunization (shot) record showing the dates their child received his/her shots
  • proof of residency (what is acceptable is a copy of the most recent utilities bill or a copy of the rental agreement)
  • a copy of the custodial agreement if the child is living with a custodial adult
  • a copy of the child's Social Security card
  • completed Kindergarten Health Assessment
Personnel will be available at Glen Arden to complete personal data records and talk with you about the requirements for entering public schools in North Carolina.
Kindergarten Registration Day is a non-school day for present kindergartners.  (Click here for link to BCS Webpage)