Library Media Center

The Glen Arden Library/Media Center maintains a wide variety of books, eBooks and other resources  as well as teacher and librarian-approved weblinks on our Destiny homepage.  Materials are selected that kindle growth in factual knowledge, literature appreciation, ethical standards, and multi-cultural awareness.  From information technology classes, to encouraging a love of books and reading, the Library/Media Center offers a variety of  information to enable ALL students to become lifelong and curious learners. 

Media classes, which implement puppets and include storytimes and computer skills, are held on a regular/fixed schedule for K-4.  Library lessons support Information Skills strategies developed by the NC Department of Public Instruction.  A computer learning station is available for student and teacher use, as needed. Students in all grades have open check-out access to the library each morning. Students in upper grades (3-4)  access the library throughout each school day with their self-check library cards .

The Librarian coordinates two Scholastic Book Fairs each year.  Book fair proceeds go directly toward purchasing books and materials for the Media Center, as this is the only source of funding for the library. Very Important Library Assistants (VILA Club) are 4th graders who help shelve books and take care of the library. For more information on the library and Ms. Smith the library, please visit her website.