Homework Expectations

Dear Families,

Your second grader will have homework most weeknights except for Fridays.  Homework should take about 30-40 minutes total.  You will need to monitor your child's homework progress and sign the homework log each night.  Homework should be review for your child and he should be able to complete it independently for the most part.  Please encourage your child to work independently and think for himself when the going gets tough.  Please also encourage your child to talk with you about what he is learning in class, research has shown a lot of new ways to do and think about things, especially in math.  Our philosophy is that there is usually more than one way to solve a problem and we want your child to explore all of the options to find out which way works best for his thinking style. We do want you to listen to your child read each night and engage in a conversation about the text after reading.  More information about how to talk about reading will be included with your child's baggy book.  I certainly understand that we are all busy these days, but your interest in your child's day and support with homework sends the message that education is important enough for you to take a few minutes out of your day to spend working with your child.  If homework is consistently taking longer than 30-40 minutes (15-20 minutes for reading, 5-10 minutes for math, 5-10 minutes for word work) please let me know so we can make appropriate adjustments so that homework better meets the need of your child.  

Below I have listed some components of second grade homework that you will begin to see on your child's homework log.  I will collect and file homework logs each Friday to document participation.

Please feel free to let me know about any questions you have about homework, I am always happy to help you figure out strategies to make homework a worthwhile investment of time. Thank you in advance for helping me help your child by supporting our classroom from home! 


Happy Notes

Each Monday your child should bring home a blank index card.  Please take a few minutes to write a little note or draw a picture that sends your child a happy message.  Students will keep happy notes in their desks and are free to take a peek at time they need a little boost, are feeling homesick or lonely or just need a little smile.  Please put your child’s name on the happy note.

Weekly Personal Goals

As we develop our classroom community we will begin to focus on setting personal goals.  Each week you and your child will work together to set a reasonable goal for the week.  At the end of each week you will meet again to discuss and evaluate progress towards meeting the goal. Please see the Personal Goal link on this website for guidelines for setting reasonable and achievable Personal Goals. 


Parent Teacher Communication

I do my best to check folders first thing in the morning as students come in.  Your child’s folder is a great place to place anything you need me to see.  Once we get into classroom routines I will not remind students to turn in folders and other things from home.  There are several reminders around the room and I expect your child to be responsible for his belongings on his own.  If there is not a check mark in the Messages/Signature column of the homework log it is most likely because your child did not turn in his folder.   Please be sure to check folders nightly (even on Fridays) for information from me.


Math Homework

Your child will have a math assignment each night. The assignment will vary from day to day and should be a review that your student can complete independently.  On days that there is not a math sheet for homework, students will be expected to play an assigned math game with a family member.   Since math homework will depend on the day's classroom activities students will be given each night's homework assignment on a daily basis and your child will be responsible for knowing what to do each night.  If your child is confused about that nights homework, please choose a math game to play  See Math Materials link) and write me a note letting me know.

Math Folder

Please consider keeping a 'Keep at Home" Math folder.   This is a good place for you to keep letters that come home explaining what we are working in math as well as materials and games that I send home for extra practice.  Please keep any math materials I send for this folder for the year.  There will be times when the math homework is to play a game and you will need these materials.   Most of these materials will also be available on my website in case you need an additional copy. 

Baggy Books

Until your child gets a Baggy book please spend 10-15 minutes reading something from home with your child each night.  Record the title of the book in the Baggy Book Log column.  You will be provided a list of comprehension questions that will help build your child's skills.  Please take some time each night to discuss the book with your child and record a brief summary of your discussion on the homework log.  

Spelling Words 

 Each Monday your child will bring home a list of five spelling words to work on during the week.  Spelling tests are on Fridays.  If a student misses a spelling test, it will not be made up, but there is no grade penalty for missing a test.  All spelling tests are averaged together for one spelling grade per quarter.  Please see the High Frequency Word link on this website for more info on Spelling Words.  

Behavior Charts 

 Your child is responsible for bringing home her behavior chart each night and asking you to look at it and initial it every night, including weekends.  Behavior charts need to be returned to school every day and will be collected on Mondays.  Please see the link on my website about Behavior Charts.  

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