AIG Program

Buncombe County Schools AIG Program

  • Nominations for AIG services (grades 3 and above) with testing and placement of students showing a definite or extreme need for AIG services
  • Cluster grouping (5 AIG students or more) in classrooms where teachers have local endorsement in gifted education
  • Curriculum differentiation by the classroom teachers
  • Enrichment materials available for loan to teachers
  • Consultations with classroom teachers available by the AIG Specialist
  • Weekly enrichment groups with the AIG Specialist using curriculum designed for all Buncombe County AIG students
  • Critical, creative, and logical thinking activities interspersed with the regular AIG curriculum
  • A separate program called "Problem Solvers" for primary students in grades 1 and 2 who show a need for enrichment

AIG Enrichment Classes


Students in grades 3-8 will continue to build on primary skills, plus:

  • Gain awareness of themselves as individuals who have unique academic and socio-emotional needs
  • Participate in activities which develop independent, critical, and creative thinking skills
  • Develop independence in identifying and solving meaningful problems
  • Begin developing mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills which call for authentic application of concepts in non-practiced contexts
  • Develop their desire and ability to communicate intelligibly and creatively
  • Develop the ability to think critically about humankind and demonstrate social responsibility in a global community
  • Develop the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams to accomplish a common goal
  • Monitor one's own understanding and learning needs and demonstrate commitment to learning as a lifelong process
  • Apply higher level thinking by expanding concepts and skills in the following areas: information literacy, media literacy, technology literacy

Sources: North Carolina Standard Course of Study, Partnership for 21st Century Skills

AIG Curriculum for Grade 3

·         Toys in Space--an interdisciplinary unit using resources from NASA

·         Caesar's English--advanced vocabulary from classic books and Latin stems

·         Gifted awareness

·         Algebra Thinking: First Experiences

·         Integration of technology

AIG Curriculum for Grade 4

·         Our World, Our Future--a concept-based unit on the environment

·         Heliophysics and Space Weather--an interdisciplinary unit using resources from NASA

·         Caesar's English--advanced vocabulary from classic books and Latin stems

·         Introduction of deBono's Six Thinking Hats

·         Gifted awareness

·         Hands On Equations--an algebra unit

          Integration of technology


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